SwingSummit 2015

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If you are up for a full week of intense training with lots of attention from the instructors


Join us in the mountains of Ardèche France, and bring altitude into your dancing. Swing Summit is an intensive dance camp, designed to give you the ultimate learning experience and to make a real change in your dancing. This is how:

  • maximum 8-10 couples per class = lots of personal attention from the instructors
  • 3-4 h hours of classes per day with instant feedback
  • lots of time for open practice
  • easy access to the teachers to help you improve at all times
  • a complete experience: all classes match and/or build upon each other
  • Levels: High Int/Adv – Advanced – Masters
  • Social dancing every day, live Swing music every Thursday night
  • Outdoor and indoor dance floors for enjoyable classes in any weather
  • Free Rural-WiFi available ;)
  • Swimming pool

This is it!

Most workshops are designed for you to get inspired and take home lots of material to train later. At SwingSummit, we don’t stop at “inspiration”! The goal is to experience an improvement by the time you leave this camp.

Did you know that there are 5 levels to learning? These are: awarenessawkwardness, application, assimilation, and finally art. We have noticed that at most workshops you don’t have time to go beyond awareness. On the social dance floor you might try it once, but might feel awkward and quickly go back to old habits. This is why we see such a big difference between what students can do in class and what they end up doing on the social dance floor.

Every day from Sunday to Friday you will have classes, plenty of time to practice and an evening social. We want you to reach awareness in class, get past awkwardness during practice and get into application during the social. By repeating this process frequently, you will be in the zone throughout the week, you’ll finish the week with assimilation of the techniques and most likely even add your own artistic touch.

The Classes:

Wanna geek out on Lindy hop? SwingSummit week 1 and 2 are geared towards boosting your dance skills, getting you to the next level or out of that slump.

Are you teaching Lindy hop or thinking about it? SwingSummit Teachers week gives you all the tools you need to create the kind of classes you dream of teaching: fun, geeky, social, sweaty.

All weeks include classes in Lindy hop, Charleston, solo Jazz, lead & follow technique, stretch, leader & follower styling.  In addition to the main classes, you can choose from one or two evening tasters with topics like:

Solo routines:
Imagine getting the opportunity to go to a camp and learn a famous solo jazz routine AND REMEMBER IT?!? This is the perfect occasion: Small groups and long time to learn and remember for example the Tranky doo and the Big Apple Routine.
With a deeper understanding of swing music you’ll not only become a more fun social dancer by becoming more musical but it will actually help you understand many of the lead and follow theories.
Fitness for Lindy hoppers:
Staying strong and fit is a vital element of a dancer’s lifestyle. Much of the knowledge we’ve collected over the years is very valuable also for you as a social dancer – for instance, learn how the the joint-by-joint method can help you prevent shoulder, knee or back pains. We’ll help you develop your own plan and routines to stay fit as a Lindy hop dancer.

Depending on student interest we will offer more or less of each theme in a given week.

Level description:

In 2015 we are offering  Intermediate/advanced, Advanced and Master classes. This workshop is intended to help you finally get the personal attention you need to get to the next level. Beginners and low level Intermediate level dancers have plenty of workshops and classes that do a fantastic job in teaching and inspiring them. Once you have the inspiration and the basics, you also start getting lots of contradicting ideas and a feeling of frustration is growing as there are not many opportunities to get answers for these. SwingSummit is one of those opportunities.

You should have at least 2 years of continuous dance experience.  If you come to the SwingSummit and don’t know the basics, we reserve the right to ask you not to participate in the classes. Having said that, we know that time is an imprecise factor when it comes to progress; your effort, energy and your resources play a crucial importance on how fast you improve. If you have any questions, please talk to us beforehand.

We have experienced that the best learning happens when you are “in the zone” – in a flow of natural progression. This occurs when the challenge is just above your ability. Our goal is to provide classes and training that keep you in the zone for the entire week. When you sign up, you can choose between Int/Adv, Advanced and Masters level. However, after you have experienced your class, your partners, and your teachers, if you feel you are in the wrong track then you can ask for a one-on-one consultation with Ali to help you select the track that gives you the best chance to stay in the zone.


Which week?

  • Week 1: July 4 – 11, 2015 – FULLY BOOKED
  • Week 2: July 11 – 18, 2015 – FULLY BOOKED

The class material is the same in both weeks and designed to give you the breakthrough in your Lindy hop dancing that you are craving.

  • Week 3 (Teachers Week): July 18 – 25, 2015

The Teachers Week  offers a combination of in-depth dance classes as well as lectures and discussions about teaching concepts and pedagogic tools that help you deliver great classes. If you are interested click here to read more!


Your final price for SwingSummit is composed of three parts (all prices are per week and per person):

  • Classes (all classes, taster classes, socials and practice): 290 Euro for week 1 or 2 / 390 Euro for Teachers week
  • Meals (full board of 3 meals per day): 225 Euro
  • Accommodation = between 80 and 145 Euro per person per week – depending on your choice of housing (check out “Location and accomodation details” for options).


Although our teachers speak many languages, the official camp language is English.


REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON Sun, 9th of November 2014 at 19:00 Central Europe Time (follow this clock: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fullscreen.html?n=991)

Click here to get to the registration page:


If you have any questions you can contact us at: dance@swingstep.com.

If you have trouble seeing the webform click here: will be posted soon.




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