Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general level of the classes and dancers at the camp?

Swing Summit is only open for intermediate to advanced dancers. To us it is important that you are here because you want to learn the nity-gritty techniques and wish to improve, specially because there are not many oppofrtunities where you live to do so anymore. Most scenes offer beginners classes, this is why we are now focusing only on intermediate to advanced dancers.

How many people will there be?

The camp is designed as a small workshop with a total maximum of ca. 50 people per week – this is the maximum, but the camp is guaranteed to run, also with fewer people (= even better teacher to student ratio). Because there are only 8-10 couples per class (and level), the camp is very individualized and personal.

What is the class schedule?

Check out the description of a typical day at Swing Summit to get an idea of how you will spend your days at the camp.

Do I have to bring a partner?

You can register alone for the camp (any week). However, we will control the lead/follow ratio by opening up a waiting list if necessary. Signing up as a group or with a partner increases your chance to get a spot at the Swing Summit.

During the main classes we will rotate partners like usual.

How / when do I pay for the camp?

Payments will be done to two entities. One part (deposit, accomodation and meals) will be paid to our host in France. This will be transferred to a bank account in the Nederlands (Marjorie is dutch).  The other part, classes, will be paid to SwingStep. This will be transferred to a German bank account. All payments are done in Euro.

How do I get from my accommodation house to the dance classes?

The accommodation and classes are in the same place – you are never more than 80 meters away from a dance floor 🙂

How do I get to the Swing Summit location?

Please see the description here:


Are there any dangerous insects or bugs in the mountains of Ardeche?

There are snakes, bores, deers and other animals that naturally exist in forests. However, after 9 years we have still not encountered anything that we need to be extra careful against. Naturally, after you take a hike in the woods, just like back home, you should check yourself for ticks. Although you might find one or two spiders in the corners of your houses, these are all harmless and function as natural fly traps 😉

Are there any animals there?

Yes, Ali&Katja will have their two little dogs there, and Marjorie usually have cats and dogs running around in the nature. Marjorie also have chicken that sometimes provides us with fresh eggs. However, no animals are allowed into the houses, so you can expect a “furr-free” sleeping.


Can I sign up without a partner?

Yes you can! At the SwingSummit, you’ll learn our way of lead and follow technique to become a fantastic social dancer. That’s why you can sign up without a partner, and  we will rotate partners throughout each class.


Who gets into SwingSummit?

Registrations on the first days will be filtered according to matching levels and diversity in nationality.


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