Level description

In 2018 we are offering high intermediate to high advanced level classes. This workshop is intended to help you finally get the personal attention you need to get to the next level.

NEW: To ensure homogeneous levels, we might ask you for a video representation of yourself to ensure that everyone in the group have a similar skill level when coming here. If you have the possibility to meet any of the teachers or SwingStep members, we can also help with the evaluation in case a video is too much trouble. Again, it is important to us to ensure homogeneous groups.

You should have at least 2 years of continuous dance experience.  If you come to the SwingSummit and don’t know the basics, we reserve the right to ask you not to participate in the classes. Having said that, we know that time is an imprecise factor when it comes to progress; your effort, energy and your resources play a crucial importance on how fast you improve. If you have any questions, please talk to us beforehand.

High Intermediate: You know the basics of how to communicate steps versus triple steps and you are able to combine them freely into basic, well-known figures such as the sling-shot, send out and circles. You should be able to comfortably lead/follow swingouts (also to higher tempos), tuck-turns, and transitions between Lindy hop and Charleston feeling. Your passion for Lindy Hop is strong and you’ve been spreading the joy of swing dancing by presenting a small performance, you are teaching your friends or maybe even assist in classes.

Intermediate/Advanced: You should be able to comfortably lead/follow swingouts to higher tempos – and switch between Lindy and Charleston with ease. Also, leading and following the free combination of steps, triples steps, kicks, ball-changes etc. is in your repertoire. You’ve been working on more fancy variations, including different types of turns and spins and you know how to use your arms to both match your movements and add some style to your look. Perhaps you’ve already taught some beginner’s classes, participated in a Jack’n’Jill competition.

High Advanced: you should have at least 4+ years of experience. You know that your classes will be hard and often focused on the fundamentals. You are more interested in the clarity of your rhythms and movements rather than quantity of patterns.


Question and Answers:

Question: I am dancing for 1 year as a follower. I just came back from the Lindy shock university in Budapest were I was in the level Intermediate 2. I am having 2 lessons/per week and I am attending different social dancing events almost every weekend. I believe my level will be higher by July. Do u think I could attend the camp? Which level?
I would like to be in this camp because it sounds that it is concentrated more to the training then partying, plus it sounds like a cozy  and relaxed place to be during the summer with the family atmosphere.

Answer: Yes, I definitely think you should come! 🙂
The overall level varies from one week to another depending on who signs up, that’s why we will have a level split before the first class. If you continue dancing like you do now, go ahead and sign up for “high intermediate”.

Thinking: note that “time” is not all that matters, taking classes twice a week and participating at week-end workshops are more important indicators.


Question:Is there in your experience a chance to get in as a single follower if I sign up really early? As a am flexible as to which week I could do, should I sign up for several weeks, to have better chances? Or only sign up for one week, and explain in comments that I could also do the other weeks?

Answer: To get a better chance, please sign up for several weeks. If you have a preference, you can mention that in our little questionaire (= registration step 2).


Who should NOT sign up to SwingSummit:

Beginners and low level intermediate level dancers have plenty of workshops and local classes that do a fantastic job in teaching and inspiring them. Once you have the inspiration and the basics, you also start getting lots of contradicting ideas and a feeling of frustration is growing as there are not many opportunities to get answers for these. SwingSummit is one of those opportunities.

Note: Because of the intense nature of the camp, there are no “escapes” from your ability. If you only danced for one year, and then had 6 months of break right before the event, it will show in a very dramatic way. It’s a bad experience for you and for your fellow participants. If you have any hesitations about this please talk to us beforehand, or describe your experience as well as you can and let us help guiding your decision.


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