Experience a week of Vegetarian lifestyle!


Message from Ali:

Since late May of 2016, I have experimented with living a vegetarian lifestyle to see how I feel with that. So far, it has been a great experience. I have more energy and less joint pain, which is critical to my Lindy hop lifestyle!

It has been a full year that I have been struggling with an inflammation in my elbow joint. This pain has held me back from doing the physical and dance training I wanted to do, so I was looking to see if a diet change could help me overcome this problem. After only a few weeks, I started to experience more mobility in my hip joints and reduced inflammation pain in my elbow. Today, I’m back on track with my fitness training, doing the exercises I could not do for a year because of the pain I had.


The challenge

What took me a bit to figure out is what to eat in order to get all the nutrients and especially protein from a vegetarian diet that I feel I need as an active Lindy hopper. I was excited to learn that some of the vegetarian foods actually have a lot more protein than the meat I was eating. Now, I’m making even faster progress in my training because I both have the nutrients and protein I need AND I don’t eat food that causes inflammation and fatigue.

I also felt that reducing how much meat I eat is an important step towards a better environment, animal care as well as my own health and longevity.

I’m more than happy to talk about food, health and nutrition with you at SwingSummit.



But what if I really need meat?

That’s absolutely no problem!
To ensure that you get what YOU feel your body needs, we will expand the self-service kitchen/shop with various kind of meat, protein powder, protein bars, eggs and other food that can give you an additional boost when you feel you want that extra hit.

Please note that this kitchen is separate from the regular meal program. The items in this kitchen will be priced close to purchase price.

The main food includes breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, coffee and tea so this kitchen is really just an extra something.


Each person has a very personal relationship to food. What we enjoy to eat, what we perceive as healthy, good quality et.c It is not obvious that what one person truly love, the other will also enjoy. To help you understand the food experience at SwingSummit, here are a few selection of what people had said about the food in our surveys:

“I loved the vegi stuff. I am not a vegi, but : YUM. It is amazing that the kitchen crew produced such quality for such a big group. The only improvement, if any: deserts.”

“It’s summer, markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables.. it’s too bad we didn’t find them in our plates (only salad, carrots and tomatoes). I liked the tastes and the try to give different menus (but why veggie menus ?) Sufficient quantities (even a bit too much ^^)”

“Food was great and it’s a meat eater saying it :)”

“I have never eat so good during à dance workshop. It was high quality food. Thanks to Marjorie and her team. ”

“I always miss fruits – but thank you for the fridge”

“I liked the served food, however, I would have expected more proteins in the dishes, given the work our muscles had to do ;-). More legumes, eggs, nuts or tofu for dinner would have been very good.”

“I had to get used to the vegetarian food. I’ve never been hungry, but sometimes I really missed the meat. Marjorie did however a marvellous job.”

“Food was good. Carrot cake was amazing. Lasagna/ parmigiana too. Porridge at breakfast kept me bouncing all day”

“I am used to vegan/vegetarian food so it was just great. they made a big effort, even served food for dinner. I also like the buffet so everyone could serve his own. I appreciated the healthy, colourful way they cook. and there was enough for everyone. At home I usually eat more fruits but there where fruits in the shop and at the market. thank you”

“I enjoyed the vegetarian food. Not a big fan of onion and garlic, but it seemed to work. There was Kurkuma in nearly every dish. Snack Time in the afternoon: fruits or something sweet would be nice next year. Fruits were offered only twice in the week (apricots, watermelon).”

“I’m not a vegetarian but the food was overall yummy enough to make me not miss meat at all. There were a few less interesting meals, but that was a matter of personal taste. I would like to have had a bit more variety in the salad (spinach, arugula, watercress are delicious leafy greens), more fruit and a bit more overall protein on the meals. I have no special needs, but sometimes I felt I was eating just carbs. I love them, but my belly collects them like crazy.
Also, getting more nets to protect the food from the bugs would be amazing. “

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