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The Swing Summit Location

We will be hosted at the beautiful Ferme Les Costes in the mountains of Ardeche, where you can enjoy being close to nature. Our host Marjorie has brilliantly preserved the natural charm of the mountain, while providing a place for us to experience a nice eco-friendly living.  Each house comes with a modern bathroom and shower. However, as mentioned, we are in the middle of the mountains and sometimes mother nature tries to claim back the territory, sending you some leafs or bits of chestnut pollen through your window…


The compound does not have enough houses to host each person or couple in a separate home. We will need to use all beds available to host our wonderful participants. Please do not expect any privacy. The unique offer of this camp is the small classes and classes that connects to each other. To be able to offer that, we need to use every spot available in the houses.

If you are traveling by car and you prefer to have more privacy and quiet, there is also a hostel nearby, which we’ve been using in the past years. It’s very clean, comfortable, and quiet. However, you can only get there by car (5 min ride).


Detailed descriptions of the houses

La Mairie – “the town hall”

La Mairie really was the town hall in Les Nonières until about fifty years ago. It is a detached house over two floors (two separate rooms).
One room has a double bed, the other one has 4 separate single beds. However, those who stay in this room need to go around the house for the bathroom in order not to disturb the couple in the dbl bedroom

La Maire was completely renovated in 2005 and in 2007 a conservatory with a living area of 23m² was added. From there you have a beautiful view over the gardens and hills. It has a terrace covered with grapes at the southside.

space for 4-5 people; price: 390€ per person (incl. full board)
More pictures of La Mairie:


L’Occasion –  “the opportunity”

L’Occasion is a south-east facing detached house with two floors. The back door that gives access to the basement is the original door (1.60 m height – that’s how small the people once were)! Above is the date etched in stone that this house was built: 1715. The ground floor has a living area of 23m² with an open kitchen, fireplace, two toilets and one shower.
On the first floor are two bedrooms: the first is 16m² with a dbl bed and has an additional washbasin , and the second one is 9 m².and has two single beds. From the small bedroom you have to pass through the bigger one to go downstairs.

space for 6 people; price: 390€ per person (incl. full board)


More pictures of L´Occasion:






La Coquille – “the shell”

La Coquille is an independent cottage in the south-east of the hamlet. It takes its name from its sheltered location.

La Coquille has two bedrooms, each is 15m², with a kitchen and a spacious bathroom with toilet. The backroom has a dbl bed and the front room two single beds.

From the back bedroom you have to pass through the front one to go to the bathroom. But both rooms are separated by a door.


space for 4 people; price: 390€ per person (incl. full board)


More pictures of La Coquille:


Le Cocon – “the cocoon”

Le Cocon is a large house connected directly to the main house. In the stonework above the door one can read that the house was built in 1668. A third floor has been added to the original two with a beautiful balcony offering a wonderful view. A wood burning stove has been installed in the original fireplace.. On the first floor there are two bedrooms (one bunkbed for two persons and one double bedroom) and a bathroom with toilet.
The second floor has a large, bright room with 3 single beds and an adjoining terrace.

space for 6-7 people; price: 390€ per person (incl. full board)



More pictures of Le Cocon:







La Caravane – “indoor camping”

On the top of the hill, there are three small caravans for couples that can be rented as an alternative to camping. The caravans offer a cheap but private form of hosting. Please note that you should bring your own sleeping bag if you stay at the caravans. 

Bathrooms and showers are available outside next to the camping area.

space for 1-2 people; price: 330€ per person (incl. full board)



L’Écurie – “the stable”

This was formerly the stables at Les Costes. The building has been transformed into a south-east facing detached hostel house over two floors. The ground floor has a big living area of 35m² with an open kitchen, a double bed, and a single bed and a spacious bathroom. The first floor is a single large, bright area of over 48m², making it suitable as a dorm for a larger group / shared housing with altogether six single beds and one dbl bed. 


space for 10 people; price: 330€ per person (incl. full board)
More pictures of Le Cocon:



Le Bar

This was formerly a wine cellar but there are now two sleeping spaces : one with tzo single beds and one with a dbl bed. The spaces are are separated by a curtain. There is no bathroom so one has to use the shower and toilet around the corner in La Grange the main dance building.

space for 4 people; price: 330€ per person (incl. full board)

More pictures of Le Bar:




On the top of the hill, we have a small place for tents and small caravans.

Bathrooms and showers (with only cold water) are available next to the camping area. There is a public shower with warm water next to the swimming pool.


space for 6 people; price: 330€ per person (incl. full board)

Special note: At the camp, you will meet our special guests: Our dogs Rufo and Lulu, as well as the local cats, dogs and chicken. However, Marjorie, has a strict NO animal policy inside the houses. All houses are free from cat and dog hair for your convenience.


To give you better understanding of the accommodation experience, we like to share with you what people have said in our survey:

“It’s an accommodation in the French way. One has to deal with mice and insects. But it was OK. Sharing a shower and toilet with 6 people was no problem, while everyone in our house was very conscious and neat.”

“its basic and rustic and awesome. I enjoyed it ”

“I rated the accommodation 9 out of 10 just because the experience of the cold showers wasn’t exactly amazing..!! Other than that I loved everything”

“The accomodation is a bit basic (cabin l’Occasion), but then the price is very ok for accomodation and food included. Good beds though!”

“I had taken a bed in one of the houses, and I expected a little more comfort. It was necessary to go through the exterior to accede to the bathroom and the kitchen. There was no sink in the bathroom to shave. We were fairly well organized between roommates, but if we had been given details before, it would have prevented us from being surprised.”

“Facilities at the camping site could be in a better condition (hot water and light would be nice).”

“Ferme les costes is beautiful and it´s always a pleasure to be there. The accommodation right where the classes happen and the option to be in one house with most of our group including a bathroom is luxury.

The beds are not all very comfortable. In our room in the upper most level of cocoon, all of us found the mattresses in the beds to the left and right too soft – you would sink in and have a round back while sleeping. The middle bed was OK.

There is the option to bring bedding oneself. The beds and cushions do not have “normal” sizes, though. I think it would be very helpful to warn people about that. A fitted sheet (Spannbettlaken) for a single bed might not fit. It is best to bring a “normal sheet” without the rubber band. The covers are also wider than normal, so a single person bedcloth will not do.

The water problem could be diminished by building and using dry toilets.”

“For the caravan it would be good to explicitly say somewhere on the website that we have to bring pillows ourselves”


Auberge in Nonieres

Sense last year we have a new Auberge just around the corner (5km) from our venue. If you want quiet nights (and ideally have a car or can share a ride with someone), this is the perfect solution:

For more information, visit: http://lartdeschemins.eu/

This is where you’ll stay… you can even see the pool : )


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