To further improve the camp experience, we will need the helping hands of a few volunteers.

Here is a list of tasks we could use help with:

  • Making sure that drinks, snacks, and fruit are always available in the classrooms and at the parties.
  • As this is an eco-friendly dance experience, we mostly use proper plates, cutlery, cups, and glasses. We need helpers to make sure that clean plates and utensils are available at all times.
  • Fresh food cannot be stocked up, so you can help by accompanying Marjorie to the market for grocery shopping.
  • Marjorie needs help to set up the daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, your task would be to help put out the plates and utensils as well as the food.

In return for helping with these tasks (ca. 3 h/day), Marjorie offers you a discount of 200 Euro for the week. There a two volunteer spaces available for each week. Warning: in previous years some of the helpers felt that it was a lot of work considering the intense training schedule and that as a helper you will miss out on some of the social activities.

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