Join us in the beautiful mountains of Ardèche this summer and bring altitude into your dancing. Swing Summit is an intensive dance camp designed to give you the ultimate learning experience and to make a real change in your dancing.

Our philosophy

Most workshops are designed for you to get inspired and take home lots of material to train later. At Swing Summit, we don’t stop at “inspiration”. The goal is to experience an improvement by the time you leave this camp.
One theory says that there are 5 levels of learning: awareness, awkwardness, application, assimilation, and finally, art.

We have noticed that at most workshops you don’t have time to go beyond awareness. On the social dance floor you might try it once, but might feel awkward and quickly go back to old habits. We see such a big difference between what students can do in class and what they end up doing on the social dance floor.

That is why every day we give you classes, practice time and an evening social. We want you to reach awareness in class, get past awkwardness during practice and get into application during the social. By repeating this process frequently, you will be in the zone throughout the week, you’ll have assimilated the techniques by the end of the week and most likely you will even have added your own artistic touch.

This is how:

  • Maximum 8-10 couples per class
  • 3 Levels: high intermediate to high advanced
  • Lots of personal attention from the instructors
  • 4.5 hours of classes per day, 6 days of classes*
  • 30 min guided practice time after every class
  • All classes match and/or build upon each other**
  • One of the studios is outdoors and has some views!
  • Social dancing every night
  • Live music on Thursday nights (link to live music page)
  • ‘Fitness for dancers’ class
  • Swimming pool to help unwind 🙂

* In addition to the main classes, we offer at least one taster class each day. The taster classes are thought either by our teachers or by participants who want to share their knowledge.
**Another unique quality of Swing Summit classes is that the teachers meet before the event to prepare the content. They work together to create a full week’s training program that helps bring you results in your social dancing.

Swing Summit is a defining experience for a lindy hopper. The classes are immensely valuable and structured around the same core principles. The teachers and staff are great, always helpful and fun. Altogether, I hope to be back a few times. “Joao

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