Live Music

It’s never to far for live music!

this video present the band and their music 🙂

The scenery is beautiful, almost therapeutic. Good food.

But more importantly, the classes in small groups were brilliant. I really like the pendulum idea; the swing feeling had not been explained to me so clearly in +- 4 years of lindy hop. And it makes so much more sense to involve the arm-motion to keep everything flowing.

Loved the idea of 5- and 7-counts; and also the idea of going from the rock (step 1 in the rockstep) straight into triples.

The practice time with teacher feedback is the perfect wrap-up for the classes.

We also took a private class, which I can really recommend.

Great idea to pair up different teachers. Creates different dynamic. And as a teacher, I’m you sure you also benefit from it.

The band was really good too.

Tomas De Gendt

Every Thursday evening you’ll get to dance to a fantastic Jazz&Swing Quertet called Djoukil.

Read more about theme here:


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