Swing Summit Teachers

Swing Summit is a defining experience as a lindy hopper. The classes are immensely valuable and structured around the same core principles. The teachers and staff are great, always helpful and fun. Altogether, I hope to be back several times. Joao


DAVID & CATIA (Portugal)

You will have 4 classes with David&Catia over the week.

The passion and energy David and Catia are bringing to the dance floor and their classes is incredible. Knowing and working with them over many years, they truly know what SwingSummit is all about and fully embrace the spirit of the camp. Their work as teachers at SwingSummit 2015 and 2016 not only amazed the students with their engagement, commitment, clarity and creativity, but the entire teaching team felt inspired by their never-ending power. David’s fantastic DJ sets might have only been topped by him bringing together a spontaneous band to play some extra live music…




Stefano & Giulia (Italy)

You will have 4 classes with Stefano&Giulia over the week.

Stefano and Giulia are the scene drivers and shining stars coming out of Torino, Italy. They bring lots of energy and big smiles to the dance floor and will warm your heart with their fun and charming way in their classes.

But besides all the enthusiasm, Stefano and Giulia care deeply about improving the technical skills and versatility of their students. Their openness and approachability makes it so easy to explore also the tricky bits of partner dancing with them. With additional background in theatre and music, they teach you how to accentuate and present your creativity in the dance.

Both Stefano and Giulia love to social dance: you’ll have an easy time to spot them on the dance floor and catch a dance.



SwingStep team: Areski&Kris (Germany)

You will have 2 classes with Areski&Kris over the week.
Kris has been a full-time teacher with SwingStep since 2011, a veteran of team classes and workshops. Areski is newer to the scene; he brought a lot of prior teaching experience with him and started teaching very early on in his lindy hopping, and is now also a full-time teacher with SwingStep. At first they were coach and trainee, after many hours together in the classroom they have found their own style and groove as a teaching partnership. Friendly while challenging, they teach with technical precision and still have time for a healthy dose of the giggles. They’ll inspire you to work on your dancing, leaving class sweaty and with a big smile on your face.




SwingStep team: Ali&Katja (Germany)

You will have 1 class with Ali&Katja over the week.

It was love at first dance: Ali&Katja have been dancing together ever since they met on a Paris dance floor in 2003. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, they are working to spread the Lindy Hop through their teaching teams in Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Berlin and with their own travelling to teach workshops around Europe.

Ali&Katja are best known for their technical yet accessible teaching. Their goal is to build upon and expand what you already know about the dance rather than to try to change you. Their very clear step by step “how to” instructions help you learn and practise in a focused way, so you can transfer your new skills onto the social dance floor right away.

In their classes, you’ll also get the tools how to practice and tell yourself if you’re “doing it right” outside the classroom. This way, you can continue to improve and practice on your own and take your dancing to the next level.




SwingStep team: Kris (Germany)

You will have 1 solo class with Kris over the week.

Kris has taught local classes in Heidelberg as well as international workshops from Israel to Ireland and many places in between — with SwingSummit a beloved stop every year since 2011. With her background in teaching astrophysics, Kris knows how to break down complex information into logical and easy to execute bits for her students. Her approach to dance is methodical and precise and she has an excellent feeling for what the students need in order to achieve the next level in their dancing.

I LOVED Kris’s classes! She’s a very clear communicator but also hilarious. And anyone who can get me doing solo jazz and not feeling completely awkward about it by the end of an hour is some kind of wizard.



I keep telling people that SwingSummit was hard work in the best possible way. It’s super focused and at times frustrating as training yourself can be, but you are in an enviably gorgeous location full of lovely people and incredibly supportive, talented teachers and everyone is so, so much fun. It’s just about the perfect way to improve your dancing and it’s one of the nicest ways to spend a holiday I can think of. I came with a partner and we had an awesome time. I’d love to come back with a bigger group of people from Edinburgh next year! (Kate Amann)

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