This is a list of things we definitely recommend bringing to Swing Summit:

  • Bed sheets (can also be rented for 15 € / week)
  • There is a lot of flies, consider a net, flylamp, or the like. There are not so many mosquitoes but do bring a natural repellent if you attract them.
  • Towel(s)
  • Bathing suit
  • Protection against the sun: hat/cap, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Clothes for both warm and cool weather (we’re in the mountains: it can get cold at night and after the rain)
  • Shoes for both wet and dry weather
  • Flashlight – it gets really really dark at night (but look up, the stars!!!)

If you need some more inspiration:
Toothpaste / – brush
Shower gel / shampoo
Nail scissors
Contact lenses / cleaner
Pants – short and long ones
Shirts – short and long sleeved
Shoes: dance shoes, normal shoes, flip flops
Jacket: light, warm
Mobile phone + charger
PC + charger
Pharmaceuticals, if you need them
Vitamin pills
Passport / Insurance card / money
Any snacks or special things you like to eat

Top image: Katie Cobalt